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For people seeking a complete body workout, we offer Classic Ballet and Modern Dance, Fitness and Cardio Barre, Pilates mat, Yoga classes and more…

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Dance Classes

Discover the grace and beauty of ballet with our Beginner Class. This timeless and elegant experience is specially designed for adult learners who want to embark on a journey into the world of ballet. This class focuses on building a fondation in classical ballet technique. Whether you have little to no prior experience in ballet, this class is perfect for you. Immerse yourself in the artistry and discipline of ballet while developing strength, flexibility, and poise.

Beginner Level 2
This beginner level is for adults who have a basic understanding of the foundations of ballet. These concepts are incorporated into a full ballet class with exercises at the barre, in the center and moving across the floor. The core emphasis of this level will be on understanding and improving proper alignment, posture, rotation, and flexibility.

A dance class meant to introduce you to the basic principles of Graham technique.

We will work on the fundamental elements of this strong modern technique like contraction, release, spirals in order to develop spine mobility and feel it as a source of energy to create movement.

Since this is a class open to everyone we will also incorporate simple exercises of floor work and we will finish the practice with stretching through breathing to progressively open up the joints, raise awareness of your range of motion and connect breathing to physicality which will allow you to enjoy your movement in a more conscious and generous way.

Mat Classes

Hot Pilates is an intense fitness class that combines traditional Pilates Mat work with a heated room (25-27°C). 

The heat enhances flexibility, boosts cardiovascular benefits, and intensifies the workout. Participants engage in core-focused Pilates exercises, resistance training, and cardio movements, all within the heated environment. 

The class promotes muscle flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and overall fitness in a challenging and dynamic setting.

combines cardio and muscle toning in a heated room. The high intensity interval training (HIIT) keeps your heart rate up, helping you burn fat.

The Pilates principle tones your body creating long lean muscle mass.
Results come super fast with this intense and challenging class. 
Mandatory Water bottle/bare foot (with socks).

Power yoga is a dynamic yoga class blending strength, balance and mindfulness into a flowing sequence synchronized with your breath.

Dynamic Pilates takes this a step further. This technique is based on the ‘isolate, fatigue stretch’ principle. This combination of traditional pilates moves in a more intense or dynamic method to build lean, toned muscle.

It is a strong, fitness-based results-driven class that gives a satisfying low-impact Pilates workout incorporating the core principles. It also allows for the flexibility and creativity of the instructor to create flows that challenge your thoughts on what Pilates can be. 


Total body sculpt is a class designed to tone your entire body.

Exercises focusing on building lean muscle, enhance your overall fitness and boost your metabolism is the aim as well as making you feel strong and revitalized.

Get ready to sweat, strengthen and sculpt!

A unique Fitness concept inspired by classical dancer.

No need to know how to dance or be flexible to practice Ballet Sculpt, the course is aimed at both amateurs and professional dancers.
On your Mat, you will sculpt in elongation your body by doing barre on the floor, planks, abbs, stretching and more.

Barre Classes

Pilates Barre is a hybrid movement class combining ballet exercises at the barre along with a Pilates practice on the mat.

The main focus goes on toning, sculpting body lines, resistance and posture alignment. By intertwining musicality, body awareness and fitness, it unravels the elegance of being an expressive mover on a challenging movement class.


Fiery, fast and oh-so sweaty!

Step up to the Barre for a full-body blitz. 

Structured in an interval training format, we can’t promise you won’t hate us during that final set of squat jumps, but we can promise a serious burn and a good time, every time.


Come and meet our amazing Barre Burn instructors and embark with them in a fusion of movements at the Barre inspired by Pilates, dance and fitness strength training that are characterized by a continuous and fluid flow of exercises.

Participants engage in a series of graceful yet challenging movements that seamlessly transition from one to the next. 

This flow encourages improved flexibility, balance, and muscle tone while promoting a mind-body connection, leaving participants feeling both energized, centered and on fire !

Welcome to the booty barre!

This is the class that will set your glutes on fire. We will be targeting all the glutes from all the angles.

Although it’s booty focused it is still a full body workout. A class filled with bridges, leg lifts, pluses and hold’s, where we will play with all the studio ‘toys’ from the ball to the ankle weights and all the bits in between.

Fun music to distract you from the burn and a few laughs thrown in the mix good measure.

All the ingredients to make a delicious class. If you looking for something spicy;.. you just found it.

Experience the ultimate fitness fusion in a hot barre class!

Step into a heated studio where ballet meets Pilates at the barre.

In this energizing session set to upbeat music, tone and sculpt your body while improving strength and balance.

Let the gentle heat melt away tension, enhancing your flexibility as you work towards a leaner physique.

Feel the burn, embrace the challenge, and leave feeling invigorated, accomplished, and ready to conquer the day!

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