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Experience the Perfect Fusion of Pilates and Functional Fitness at West Side Studio Lisboa

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This class is highly recommended for beginners and focuses on breaking down the fundamentals of using the reformer and performing Pilates moves. Perfect for newcomers or those seeking to refine their technique, our 50-minute foundation class offers slightly slower transitions and a stronger emphasis on the core principles of the Pilates method.

Our signature class is a dynamic fusion of Pilates and cardio-infused exercises. Enhance mobility, balance, and strength as you engage in dynamic movements, Pilates flows, and a combination of stability and mobility exercises.

Experience a fun and fast-paced 50-minutes workout that sculpts lean, strong, and flexible bodies. Each month, the class will have a specific focus, such as strong glutes, upper body strength, lean legs, or posture, while always providing a full-body burn.

Our Power & HIIT Reformer class is a dynamic fusion of Pilates and high-intensity interval training on the  reformer. Participants engage in a series of exercises that include leg presses, lunges, and core work, incorporating intervals of intense effort and short rests.
The adjustable resistance on the reformer challenges individuals at their fitness level. The class features energetic music, motivating cues, and a cool-down with stretching to provide a comprehensive and efficient full-body workout.

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