Private Classes

Experience the Perfect Fusion of Pilates and Functional Fitness at West Side Studio Lisboa

Step into a sanctuary of personalized attention with our Private Classes at West Side Studio in Lisbon.

Tailored precisely to your body’s needs and goals, these sessions ensure every moment is about you.

The undivided focus from our skilled instructors provides an unparalleled depth to your pilates practice, enhancing every movement and adjustment for maximum benefit.

For those seeking a profound connection between mind, body, and the art of pilates, our Private Class offers an experience that’s both intimate and transformative

If you want to book a Private class please email us at 

or call us Phone: +351 922 226 351

Discover the joy of shared commitment in our Duo Class sessions at West Side Studio in Lisbon.

Training alongside a friend or partner not only doubles the motivation but also brings a unique synergy to your pilates journey.

Experience each movement, each stretch, and each challenge together, reinforcing bonds and celebrating mutual progress.

Our Duo Class is a testament to the belief that sometimes, the path to fitness is best traveled in pairs.

If you want to book a Duo class please email us at 

or call us Phone: +351 922 226 351

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